60 MILLION Regular Folks Every Day!

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60 MILLION Regular Folks Every Day!

You heard me right, 60 million people 5 days a week!

5 days a week, that many folks tune in "Rush", can't even imagine that many people could or would do the same thing 5 days a week, but they do!  Why is the quesion I happen to be one of them, don't agree with him all the time, but I do always find him entertaining & honestly Rush is a Entertainer.  Honestly, I wish I could convince my wife of that, never happen and she's not alone.

The 60 million people have something to do with it though, just think if everyone passed along a buck to, oh lets say "American Cancer Society", that would turn into a chunck of cash, it's even possible that cash coould turn the key to curing Cancer, not saying it will,. bit ot could, it's possinle that you could send in the dollar that put us over the top, its' possible?

Odds are you've heard by know that hRush has Cancer & its' very serious and yes you're hero Mr. Retro Guy has also been in it's grips!  Trust me chemo and radiation are no fun, we've come along way when slowing things down, possibly in some rare cases even curing this plague against humanity!!!

So if you have a extra buck please send to attn:Ayan Siad,  555 11th Street NW, skuite #300, Wahington DC 20004.  Phone # 202 661-5700  If you would like to put a loved ones nane on your chect that would be very nice or feel free to put Rush's name or mine Mr. Retro Guy, we would be honered! 

To be continued.......

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